Deciding to get a good gaming console can be a difficult task especially since developers release high quality and upgraded gaming consoles regularly. It might just come down to personal preferences of the design and contents. Here is a list of the top 5 gaming consoles of 2017:

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro:

Sony is well known for their excellence in gaming consoles. The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the best gaming consoles this year. It has 4K and HDR features making gaming much more fun with the high resolutions coming in play. One of its features is that you can stream high-quality videos from Netflix. Another feature is that you will find the libraries from Xbox One, PlayStation4 as well as other small games which are not available in these two. Since it is a gaming console with many advanced features, getting to know the console initially might be a bit challenging however once you get the hang of it you can make the best out of one of the best consoles of 2017.

 Xbox One S:

Microsoft’s Xbox One S is another gaming console that we cannot fail to mention in our list of top gaming consoles of 2017. Users get to experience high resolution and quality videos. There are three choices you have with regards to memory – 500 GB, 1TB and 2TB. You also have a large library of games to play from. An additional bonus is that you can also use Microsoft Xbox One S to watch high-resolution movies.

Nintendo Switch:

The Nintendo Switch is a 6.2-inch tablet which is very handy because of its portability. It can be used on your TV, and it is also handheld at the same time. It is a great hybrid which allows you to take it wherever you go. The Nintendo Switch offers users the multiplayer option where maximum eight people can be locally connected. It also allows you to take screenshots and upload it to your social networking sites.

Sony PlayStation Vita:

The Sony PlayStation Vita is another portable gaming console which is one of the best. You have multiple game choices, applications and great graphics. Another feature is that it supports high speed streaming for online games.

Nintendo 3DS XL:

Another gaming console we would recommend from our top gaming consoles of 2017 is the Nintendo 3DS XL. It has amiibo support, an improved and upgraded hardware, a good NFC connectivity and great in game control. One of the reasons why this gaming console is popular is because it has a large library of games to choose from.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim:

The design of Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is sleek and appealing. Regarding functions and contents, it does not differ much from Sony PlayStation 4. However, the sleek look what people are raving about. Besides being a great platform for gaming, it also allows you to stream anything from Amazon, HBO Go, YouTube, Netflix and more