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Top Classic Games that Deserve a Remake

vampire: the masquerade

Today we are living in the Golden Age of Gaming. Now, you can play anywhere and anything with graphics that are almost indistinguishable from real life. Within reason.  

But since yesterday I couldn’t think about anything else but my childhood games. I was sitting next to my son, watching him play a game on a tablet that looked very much like the good old Contra. Hey, if you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s fine. It’s an ooooold game.  


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Anyway, as I soaked in memories of me playing on pre-PlayStation consoles, I thought to myself – Call of Duty is coming back to WWII theme. More game developers should come back to their roots.  

Here is a list of games I would love to see most: 


I could talk about why Thief is the best game ever, especially if you are playing in the middle o0f the night with your lights off and your headphones on, but there is a video i recently saw that describes the point best.

Vampire: The Masquerade  

You may sense a pattern emerging here. But it’s not. The thing is, single player games in the 90s were really good for telling the story, showing great characters. Vampire: The Masquerade, based on the tabletop game of the same name, was one of them. 

And, not to be the grumpy uncle of gaming but today’s game most of the time focus on graphics. Especially because multiplayer capabilities are much better today.  


Oh, it must be remade some day. But it probably won’t because these days everyone is just too sensitive even for the smallest of controversies. Imagine, a game like Carmageddon, where you can, and arguably, should drive over innocent people, brought back. Remember, GTA V kept their virtual casino closed, allegedly because there would be no casino deposit bonuses to claim. At this increasing rate of political correctness, even mentioning casino will be prohibited in games.    


The problem with bringing back 2D games is: what do you add? Do you simply polish the graphics and release the same game with same missions? I think it could work but gamers may also consider offering a $30 game that is basically the same from the 90s as lazy business.  

However, if the developers Konami would come up an idea to revive the original Contra, I am sure that thousands of players would stand with them. If they made it right.  

Dungeon Keeper  

Dungeon Keeper was never the most popular game but it had a large base of loyal customers that would love to see the game revived. And I am not talking about the abomination that Electronic Arts released for mobile. The game was a time-eater but I loved it.    


As I said, we do have some fantastic games now. Witcher 3 maybe the best game ever released, Life is Strange, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us are all spectacular. There are some immersive stories, great characters. But childhood memories is a pull force and I have no doubt that one day game developers will utilize it.  



Top 5 Action Video Games

Here is a list of the top 5 action video games:

GTA series (Grand Theft Auto):

Rockstar’s famous game Grand Theft Auto is one of the best action video game of all time. It has several versions or games that have been released over the past few years. However, we will not choose one of these versions as the best because all of the GTA series is legit awesome and deserve a spot on the top 5 list. It is an open world game where all actions happen from pursuits, adventure, gang wars, missions, gunfights, killings and much more. If you love action, then you will love Grand Theft Auto.

Batman Arkham City:

Gotham City is under your protection, and as Batman, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and peace in it. However, you have ended up in an asylum, and the evil in Gotham City still exists. Hence with your powers as Batman, you will go on an action packed quest. The wide variety of criminals and villains will always provide you good action and the adrenaline to get addicted to the game. It is the best Batman game and one of the best action video games.

Assassins Creed series

All the Assassins Creed games developed by Ubisoft are legendary in the world of action. Each game has a great background story coupled with one of the best tastes of action and adventure. You will play the role of an assassin and complete missions and quests that will always keep you on the run and active. It is a game that beautifully brings in elements of history into a game. The intricate and detailed design matches perfectly with the theme of each series.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time:

Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda is not a new name in the world of action games. Since its first version to the current latest one, it has gained a lot of popularity not only in the action genre. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time has a great gameplay filled with action that you will love. The graphics, design, characters,   various missions, worlds to visit and weapons to choose from are some of the reasons why gamers are into this game. Among all the series Ocarina of time is one of the player’s favourites of all times.

Dishonoured 2:

Last but not the least in our list of top 5 action video games is Dishonoured 2. Even though it is a recent game released on 2016 unlike the others on our list who have been around for a while, it is still one of the best. There are two protagonists you can play as. The first is CorvoAttano who is an assassin and the second one is Emily Kaldwin, his daughter. Either one you choose will give you powers that are unique to them. It is also an excellent stealth play which is unpredictable. Dishonoured 2 is appealing and immersive once you start playing with it.

Top 5 Augmented Reality Video Games

Augment Reality games have stepped up the world of gaming by allowing consumers to experience games as they have never before. It is an innovation of a blend between the gaming world and the real world. It makes use of the user’s real environment and brings in the life of a game to it. Here is a list of the top 5 augmented reality games:

Pokemon GO:

Although there were several augmented and virtual reality games before Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO paved the way for AR and VR games with its immense popularity after its release on 6th July 2016. A lot of us grew up watching Pokemon and must have wondered how it would feel like to experience being a Pokemon trainer, catch Pokemon, raise them, go to gyms and battle other trainers. Niantic has made this come true through Pokemon GO where users enter into a blend of both worlds- real and virtual.

Batman Arkham VR:

You can be Batman for a day, weeks or as long as you want to experience the fun adventure as him. Batman Arkham VR allows you delve into the virtual world of Gotham City, fighting crimes and solving mysteries. The characters and villains in the game look more real like and detailed. You can play get the best experience of the Batman Arkham VR through PlaystationVR. Using the controllers is just a part of playing.You should stand up and experience moving around 360 degrees to get the feel of being Batman.


Minecraft is a popular and well-known game found in any gaming medium be it PC, laptops or video games. Teaming up with Microsoft HoloLens, it has upgraded the game to its best. The game is not very different from the original Minecraft. However, the biggest change is that everything in the game looks real and will feel real. It is also a virtual reality game hence you can be up on your feet, move around, change the size of what you see and feel that the world of Minecraft is real.

Toy Car RC:

The already mentioned AR games are majorly for older children and adults. Hence Toy Car RC is a great AR game for kids where they can travel, go on an adventure, race, complete missions and explore the world through the car Wheely.


And finally, the last game of our top 5 best-augmented reality games is Ingress. It is another popular game developed by Niantic. Ingress is a location based online game where you can choose to join any side from two options of factions- the Enlightened and the Resistance. Once you choose sides, accordingly you will have missions to accomplish. It is also a multiplayer game hence your team will be extremely important for you to continue on your journey as a player. It is a fun game that allows you to explore places, meet and find good teammates and have a real experience of the game.

Top 5 video games of all time

Kids love having fun, and video games are definitely in their ‘fun’ list. There are many video games, and not all might be suitable for children of all ages. As parents make sure to check the ratings if you want to limit your kids to certain games.Below, you will find a list that we have created for the top 5 video games for kids:

Lego Worlds:

Which kid does not like Lego right? Building Legos are something children and even adults love. Developed by Traveller’s Tales is Lego Worlds which takes you on an adventure to a different world made of Legos. You can build your world however you want it to look like. Vehicles, animals, the environment, buildings, etc. and more can be customised. You can also play with others.It is one of the best video games that your kids will love playing.


Entering the video game world recently is YookaLaylee. Even though it is a new one, it deserves a place in our top 5 because of it fits right with kids. It is an open world game that is simple and fun to play in. YookaLaylee also has appealing, vibrant colours that attract young kids. It is a game where two friends Yooka and Laylee join forces to go on an adventure to face challenges and have fun.

Mario Kart8 Deluxe:

Nintendo’s popular game Mario Kart8 Deluxe is an upgraded version of the previous versions and is one of the top 5 games for kids. It is a fun racing game with many courses to choose from. One of the attractive features is that it is available in 1080p HD. Another interesting aspect of the game is that your kids can play with their friends through the multiplayer feature(maximum four people). Mario Kart8 Deluxe is perfect for children of all ages. Older kids will love playing the game, and for younger kids, an easy mode is available.

Yoshi’s Woolly World:

A simple, fun and extremely cute video game are Yoshi’s Wolly World. It is a game where you will find vibrant, attractive and colourful colours, catchy music and simplicity which definitely attracts children. It is also a game that younger kids can play. Yoshi’s Wolly World has more than 40 stages where can go on an adventure to find out secrets and collectables.

Disney Infinity 2.0:

The last game on our list of top 5 games for kids is Disney Infinity 2.0. In this recent version, Marvel heroes have been added to the hero list. There are two modes in the game. The first one is the Toy Box mode where you can build a world of your choice which will be the one you will play in. You can modify anything and everything. The next mode is the Play Set mode where you play with the world which has already been created. There are also worlds created by people all over the world which you can experience online.