Augment Reality games have stepped up the world of gaming by allowing consumers to experience games as they have never before. It is an innovation of a blend between the gaming world and the real world. It makes use of the user’s real environment and brings in the life of a game to it. Here is a list of the top 5 augmented reality games:

Pokemon GO:

Although there were several augmented and virtual reality games before Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO paved the way for AR and VR games with its immense popularity after its release on 6th July 2016. A lot of us grew up watching Pokemon and must have wondered how it would feel like to experience being a Pokemon trainer, catch Pokemon, raise them, go to gyms and battle other trainers. Niantic has made this come true through Pokemon GO where users enter into a blend of both worlds- real and virtual.

Batman Arkham VR:

You can be Batman for a day, weeks or as long as you want to experience the fun adventure as him. Batman Arkham VR allows you delve into the virtual world of Gotham City, fighting crimes and solving mysteries. The characters and villains in the game look more real like and detailed. You can play get the best experience of the Batman Arkham VR through PlaystationVR. Using the controllers is just a part of playing.You should stand up and experience moving around 360 degrees to get the feel of being Batman.


Minecraft is a popular and well-known game found in any gaming medium be it PC, laptops or video games. Teaming up with Microsoft HoloLens, it has upgraded the game to its best. The game is not very different from the original Minecraft. However, the biggest change is that everything in the game looks real and will feel real. It is also a virtual reality game hence you can be up on your feet, move around, change the size of what you see and feel that the world of Minecraft is real.

Toy Car RC:

The already mentioned AR games are majorly for older children and adults. Hence Toy Car RC is a great AR game for kids where they can travel, go on an adventure, race, complete missions and explore the world through the car Wheely.


And finally, the last game of our top 5 best-augmented reality games is Ingress. It is another popular game developed by Niantic. Ingress is a location based online game where you can choose to join any side from two options of factions- the Enlightened and the Resistance. Once you choose sides, accordingly you will have missions to accomplish. It is also a multiplayer game hence your team will be extremely important for you to continue on your journey as a player. It is a fun game that allows you to explore places, meet and find good teammates and have a real experience of the game.